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T: 01506 253675 E: sales@samcointeriors.co.uk

Vehicle Upholstery Falkirk

Automotive Upholstery Repairs

Car Seat Repair Falkirk

Samco Interiors provides car interior reupholstery and marine services in Falkirk, allowing you to restore your car interiors, motorcycle seats, camper van interiors, van and boat seating to their original quality.

With over 20 years experience in the industry, we can take care of any upholstery requirement you might have.

Our depth of experience and our wide selection of materials allows us to provide our clients with their desired outcome, whether that is a bespoke creation or a simple repair.

Car Interior Repair Falkirk

Car seats wear down over time due to regular pressure and friction. When replacing car seats, we use a pattern cutter to create a precise replica that is then hand-cut and sewn. Our intricate process guarantees an exceptionally well-crafted bespoke product, every time.

We can help you with car seats, car seat covers, door panels, steering wheels, gear sticks, and other minor repairs such as tears and burns. We also stock the official taxi upholstery fabric, allowing us to provide fast turnarounds and let taxi drivers get back on the road with minimal disruption.

Car Interior Upholstery & Repair
Car Leatherwork & Repair

Leatherwork & Repairs

If your desire is to upgrade your interiors to leather, we will work closely with you to help you find the perfect colour, style and design to create this luxurious aesthetic appeal.  We use the finest leathers which are soft yet extremely durable giving the ultimate in comfort.

Leather is a natural product and needs to be looked after.  Through constant friction, leather seats can become dry and crack if not fed but there is a simple solution to bring seats back to life should this have happened.  We can refurbish your leather seat by deep cleaning the leather and removing the build up of dirt and grime from the surface. We then feed the leather and recolour by fully colour matching to your original shade or changing completely to a new colour of your choice.  Leather car seat repair brings your set back to life and in some case we can do mobile repairing.

Motorbike Seats

Whether you are looking for a custom seat design for your Honda motorcycle or a simple repair, we can take care of your motorbike upholstery needs. Motorbikes are powerful and stylish vehicles that make a real statement on the road.

Why not go the extra mile and really make it yours with a custom leather seat covering? Our team helps you to find the most suitable material and design.

Motorbike Seat Repair
Marine Upholstery Repair

Marine Upholstery

Fabrics and materials on boats perish over time due to high exposure to the elements. If your boat needs to be repaired, we can deal with any requirement you have.

As well as renovating your outer seating areas, we also repair damaged soft furnishings in the interior. It is essential to be able to retreat to a comfortable seating area after a long day’s sailing, so make sure yours is in good shape.

Camper Vans

Whether you have a camper van already or you are converting a VW van to a bespoke VW camper van, Samco Interiors can customise your vans into a luxury home from home.

From plush interiors to seat covers to protect your upholstery from the great outdoors, we have a wide selection of materials to chose from, creating a bespoke interior for you to go exploring in.

Excellent Customer Feedback

Amazing job on my Range Rover interior!
Ilyas Ali